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Beijing 2022 ramping up sustainable transport with electric buses in the Olympic bid city

The Beijing Public Transportation Group, which manages the city’s transport system, unveiled a special set of five 18-meter-long Beijing 2022 electric buses for the city.

These buses add to Beijing’s commitment to offer sustainable Olympics and only require 10 minutes to be recharged. They also are modeled after 21 completely electric run buses that have little noise and are cost efficient to maintain and operate.

Each one has the capacity to carry 40 people and has USB plugs for cell phone charging on the journey and curiously enough a photo both in the back.

The electric vehicles run on a 21 stop route within Beijing’s historic central district and are a small fraction of the approximately 1,272 electric buses in the city serviced by ten battery charging stations.

Beijing is running against Almaty to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games and become the first city to stage both the editions of the Olympics.

“These buses have a retro design, being modeled after the trolleys used in the early 20th century; at the same time, they are an integral part of the bright, clean future of sustainable transportation in both Beijing and China,” said Liu Xing, Vice President of Zhuhai Yinlong Energy Co., Ltd, who helped design and distribute the buses, these green vehicles symbolize a perfect synthesis of Beijing’s past and future.

“Beijing 2022’s commitment to sustainability will play a crucial role towards advocating the future of clean and green transportation in this city, and I could not be more optimistic at this time,” he added.

Beijing is looking to reduce vehicle emissions and ease pollution and, therefore, the city plans to replace 80% of its buses with new-energy and clean-fuel vehicles. They aim to have more green transportation by the end of 2017 – a total of 13,825 buses, including 4,058 electrically powered and 7,185 running on natural gas.


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