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Our Offset Project

The Brazilian Rosewood Protected Forest Project (RMDLT)

Getafe CF gets the Platinum Laurel Award

It is one of the first clubs in Europe to become sustainable through carbon neutral certification

Environmental Benefits

Demonstrate support for the protection of the world’s standing forests, renewable energy production or other projects with internationally recognised standards verified by certified, third-party organisations.

Social Benefits

In many cases, the emission offsets generated by the projects provide an opportunity to demonstrably improve the quality of life for members of the local communities. This can be through the provision of education or health services, or economically through long-term employment.

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments.

Our sustainability commitment

Spanish La Liga football club Getafe CF signed a landmark 5 year agreement with ALLCOT in June 2014 committing to make the Club ‘’one of the leading environmental and socially sustainable first tier clubs in Europe’’.

What do we mean by carbon footprint offsetting?

Offsetting CO2 emissions is based on the voluntary contribution of an amount of money proportional to the tonnes of CO2 emitted, that have not been able to be reduced by other means.

Getafe CF to sell new range of sustainable merchandising

Getafe CF has expanded its range of merchandising products and is now selling sunglasses, watches, pens, USB keys and iPhone 5 covers made of wood thanks to its agreement with ALLCOT.

1. What is a carbon footprint?

The total amount of greenhouse gases (CO2, CO, SOx, NOx, etc.) produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, by which we cause an impact on the Earth's atmosphere.

When you drive a car, the engine burns fuel which creates a certain amount of CO2, depending on its fuel consumption and the driving distance. When you heat your house with oil, gas or coal, then you also generate CO2. Even if you heat your house with electricity, the generation of the electrical power may also have emitted a certain amount of CO2. When you buy food and goods, the production of the food and goods also emitted some quantities of CO2. All these emissions can be reduced and offset.

2. What do we mean by carbon footprint offsetting?

Offsetting CO2 emissions is based on the voluntary monetary contribution  proportional to the tons of CO2 emitted in order to neutralize the emissions. Specifically, this is done through buying of carbon credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2 emitted. This financial contribution is dedicated to projects in developing countries and they are to: Capture a number of tons of CO2 equivalent to the amount emitted by developing a carbon sink project for reforestation or prevent the issuance of a number of tons of CO2 equivalent to the amount emitted by means of energy efficiency, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, waste management, avoided deforestation, intensive farming or processing of organic agriculture.

We cannot stop emitting GHI when we travel or during our daily activities, so the only way to say that we are "carbon neutral" is through offsetting.

3. How can I offset my carbon footprint through Getafe CF?

The emissions offsetting project we selected for our sustainability efforts is the Brazilian Rosewood Protected Forest Project (RMDLT). This project focuses on protecting the Amazon rainforest from deforestation.

If you are a Getafe CF supporter and you want to invest in it too, you can calculate your diary carbon footprint in our calculator and offset your emissions by yourself.

On the other hand, you can contact with David Torres to participate in Superfan project and support our sustainability initiative.

"Getafe has agreed a landmark collaboration with ALLCOT. Under the terms of this 5 year commitment, Getafe C.F. becomes one of the leading environmental and socially sustainable first tier clubs in Europe. Through the agreement, Getafe C.F. will demonstrate its environmental commitment and support of climate-friendly operations by neutralizing the greenhouse gases (GHG) it produces."

Alberto Heras, Marketing Getafe CF

"It is an honour for our club and for me as its chief executive, to be able to unite the worlds of football with the environment in this agreement. For Getafe CF, this is not just an agreement to offset our emissions, our objective goes further. We want to raise awareness among the people of Getafe. We have to think of our future generations and be respectful of our planet, starting with the smallest and ending with our fans."

Ángel Torres, President Getafe CF

"I always travel to watch Getafe CF matches by car from Navalmoral de la Mata, a town in Cáceres, Extremadura.  I drive about 385 km round trip, which results in roughly a 1 tonne of C02 equivalent emissions during the football season. I wanted to offset these emissions through Getafe CF and participate in its sustainability initiative"

Alberto Domínguez, Getafe CF supporter

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Getafe CF

Getafe CF is a Spanish professional football club who play in La Liga. The club is based in Getafe, a city in the Madrid metropolitan area. Getafe was founded in 1946 and refounded in 1983.

Getafe has been in the top level since 2004–05. The clubs home stadium is Coliseum Alfonso Pérez which was founded in 1998 and can hold 17,393 spectators.

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