Business & Nature in harmony
Getafe CF & Allcot Group

Our sustainability commitment


Getafe CF, one of the first clubs in Europe to become sustainable through carbon neutral certification

Spanish football club Getafe CF signed a landmark 5 year agreement with ALLCOT in June 2014 committing to make the Club ‘’one of the leading environmental and socially sustainable first tier clubs in Europe’’.

Through this agreement, Getafe CF will demonstrate its environmental credentials by measuring and targeting a 20% reduction in its energy, emissions, water and waste by 2019. The Club is neutralising its greenhouse gas emissions with an internationally verified forestry project in the Amazon.

As part of the Club’s shareholder engagement strategy, its fans were invited to vote online for the carbon offset project they wanted the Club to support, from a choice of three. The Brazilian Rosewood Protected Forest Project (RMDLT), located in the Para-Portel region of Brazil was chosen. This project supports the fragile ecosystem of the Amazonian Rainforest by preventing rampant deforestation and giving degraded forests an opportunity to regenerate.

The importance of the Getafe CF sustainability program has been recognised and it was awarded with the Platinum Laurel Award in September 2014. These awards are given for excellence in the areas of business, the arts, culture and philanthropy.

Getafe CF is proud of its sustainability program and communicates it regularly with its stakeholders.