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Olympics: POCOG publishes nation’s first Sustainability Report to provide blueprint for hosting International Mega Sporting Events

The PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG) has published the nation’s first Sustainability Report entitled, “PyeongChang 2018: Opening New Horizons for Sustainability-Furthering Benefits to Human and Nature.” It will be used for hosting International Mega-Sporting Events as a blueprint.

The report covers the key messages and vision of PyeongChang 2018’s sustainable Games management plan. With two and a half years till the 2018 Games, this report will form a sound basis for the plan.

Five key themes of the project include:

  1. Low Carbon, Green Olympics – Staging a Low Carbon, Green Olympics through circulation and low-carbon operations to accomplish “02 Plus effects.
  2. Stewardship of Nature – Minimizing and recovering from ecological damages to ensure the stability of the ecosystem, along with leaving a sustainable legacy and preserve the ecosystem for the Republic of Korea and PyeongChang.
  3. Good Life – Improve the quality of life and build a lasting prosperity for the local economy for citizens in hosting regions.
  4. Proud People with Tradition and Culture – Strengthening social capital and civil society by the revitalization of local communities, green practices, and promotion of inclusion and cultural diversity.
  5. Opening to the World – Establishing the city of PyeongChang as a global sports hub to promote Olympism and Winter Sports in Asia, as well as focusing on the conservation and protection of the environment.

The full report is available  on the PyeongChang 2018 website.


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